Cats Hotel

We have three cats ourselves (Merlin, Kiki and Mia) that are much adored by all of the family. Here at North View Cats Hotel we have designed a very special cattery for your cat. The Cats Hotel is set in beautiful countryside and built to the latest standards. We offer very spacious, quiet, comfortable, centrally heated accommodation.- there is a radiator and large window in each cosy room. It is beautifully furnished with curtains, pictures and flowers to provide a welcoming relaxed "home from home" environment for your cat. Whether your cat is a young, lively mischief looking to have fun, or an older less active cat that wants to relax and enjoy quiet time, we have rooms to suit them all. We spend a lot of quality time with each cat individually getting to know their personality, so they enjoy their time boarding here at North View.


We aim to provide your cat with the same diet it receives at home. If you prefer to provide the food for the duration of your cat's stay, a reduction in the daily rate will be made.


We have our own supply of baskets that we use, but if your cat has a moulded bed, basket or blankets that you would prefer it to use, please feel free to bring these. Each room in the Cats Hotel has a varied selection of toys and activity centres but if you would like to bring any favourite toys for your cat to enjoy, please do so.


If your cat is used to being groomed we are happy to continue this during their stay. Please bring your own brushes for us to groom your cat with.

Vaccination Requirements

Upon arrival owners must produce a valid vaccination certificate. All cats must be full vaccinated against Cat Flu and Enteritis. It is important that your cat is regularly wormed and checked for infestations.

Price List

1 x Cat - £8.00
2 x Cat Sharing - £11.50
3 x Cat Sharing - £15.00
4 x Cat Sharing - £17.50

All the above prices are subject to change.