As owners of cherished dogs ourselves, we understand how important it is that you feel happy with your choice of boarding kennels and confident in the quality of care your dogs will receive whilst you are away.

If your dog has not stayed with us before or perhaps it is his first time, we recommend a day trial for them. This gives your dog an opportunity to meet us, see the kennels and we can work closely with them to form a good relationship. This is so that when they come back for their main stay, they will feel confident and pleased to see us again. Dogs have varying personalities - they are all so different - and we love to get to know them really well. Our aim is for your dog to be happy to come on their holidays and feel settled.


At North View we feel that exercise plays an important parting the general well being of our boarders, so we spend a lot of time with each dog individually. We "Flexi Lead" walk your dog twice a day and we also have an undercover exercise area for individual free play.


We provide moulded plastic beds and bedding for your dog. But it is always nice for dog to have their own favourite bedding during their stay, so please feel free to bring any blankets and toys, so your dog feels at home.


We aim to provide your dog the same diet it receives at home. If you prefer to provide the food for the duration of your dog's stay, a reduction in the daily rate will be made. With your permission we will give your dog treats, like shapes, gravy bones etc...although if you would like to bring any larger chews or toys for your dog to have during its stay, this is fully acceptable. We provide all the water and food dishes.


We are able to offer for your dog a warm shower, shampoo and blow dry before they go home. For £6.00 - £8.50 per dog, we will shampoo and dry your dog in our canine bathroom - please ask for details.

Vaccination Requirements

We like to keep the standards within North View very high, so we do insist on all vaccines for boarding dogs.

Owners must provide a valid certificate to show your dog has been vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis.

In addition we require that your dog has been vaccinated against "Kennel Cough". Please be aware that 'Nobivac' and 'Canigen' Kennel Cough vaccines last for 12 months, while 'Intrac' Kennel Cough vaccine lasts for only 6 months in kennel situations. These guidelines are recommended by our vets.

Newly inoculated dogs or renewal inoculations must be given at least 7 days before arrival. Please plan these dates carefully as dogs cannot be accepted before the 7 days have elapsed, due to infection risks to other dogs.

Price List

1 x Dog - £12.00
2 x Dog Sharing - £18.50

Day boarding facilities are available for your dog. These must be on a regular WEEKLY arrangement and owners must provide all foods. Times for delivery and collection to be arranged with Karen.

1 x Dog - £10.00
2 x Dog Sharing - £15.00

We are able to offer a day boarding service with a shower for your dogs. Prices start from £10.50. For more information please contact Karen or one of her team.

All the above prices are subject to change.